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26 Oct 2012, 12:35 - John

OK So I like the beer enough that I've got the T-shirt! But I can't say I expected the Dutch beer at the Brixton Craft Beer Co. to be Rooie Dop.

18 Nov 2011, 21:45 - John

Leidshe beer, that we visited on the Nederlandse Bier dagen has been able to brew on their premises for sale since May. Their capacity has been restricted to 100 litres per month, so much has been brewed at de Proef. JW has mentioned on bestetotnutoe that the new kettles should be ready at the beginning of 2012 and will not only brew the Porter, but also the Pumpkin Raisin Bock, the Kerstboombier and probably the Weizen.

The 'Pumpkin Raisin Bock' raised an eyebrow here...

16 Nov 2011, 00:32 - John

De Bierkoning has recently increased their range adding beers from several Dutch breweries that they didn't have before. The Dutch section of the shop is taking up more and more space as time goes on, and not without reason. The number of breweries is increasing year on year, as is the diversity of type of beer. So after the last saddening post about the dominance of the Big Four in bars it seems a good time to trek to the shop and come back fully laden with beer from small breweries in the Netherlands. Some new, some new to De Bierkoning, some just new to me.

4 Nov 2011, 00:20 - John

90% of cafes have one of the four big brewers as their main supplier.
99% of cafes with a cellar system serve one of the major brewers pils.

It'll come as no shock to most people who have been to a bar in The Netherlands that they are seriously dominated by the worlds three largest brewers Heineken, Grolsch (SAB Miller), InBev (Anheuser-Busch InBev) and Bavaria. A recent report for KHN by EIM underlined this. Most of the reporting has focused on the way that the big breweries use the tie to push up the price of beer. However, the report also shows that it's not only the price of beer that is affected. What of the choice of beer? Choice that isn't brewed by the big four?

27 Oct 2011, 15:49 - John

I'm not going to the bokbier festival so when I saw a festival on the same weekend with brewers I know like Struise, Shepherd Neame, Jessenhofke and more, but also names I don't know yet, I was interested. Until...

26 Oct 2011, 16:25 - ant

Enough has been written about that it's often enough not women's taste buds that stop them from drinking beer, but advertisement focused on (specific types of) men. And when you think that this knowledge has reached brewers you come across an example so blatantly sexist that a male beer drinker could only describe it as "a beer festival he wouldn't go to."

16 Oct 2011, 01:04 - John

I don't like bok beer, I really don't like Dutch bock beer, or at least I thought so. But now I'm starting to have doubts. I've tasted some beer recently to make me think again. Have my tastes changed? Or has the beer got better? This is certainly the first time since I've been in the country I'm even considering going to the Bokbierfestival. But should I? Really?

11 Oct 2011, 11:51 - John

New brewery opens in Amsterdam! Best go and visit, and drizzly Sunday afternoons are probably the best time to sit in a pub and drink new beers. We were the second group of customers in the door, hats off to the first in. The private opening party the night before had possibly left a couple of the staff a little less awake than normal (fair 'nuff), they were still more attentive and willing to chat about the beer and the place than most. The brewpub is big, not that you'd notice from the Rokin side of the building where the shiny 300 litre kettles of the brewery take a proud position in the window. From the Nes you get a completely different picture: large open plan seating area, permanent DJ table...

25 Sep 2011, 11:50 - John

It seems Jan, from the Bierkoning's plan, to have Dutch brewers fill their breweries with Brett might well be succeeding. It certainly has been taken really seriously at the tiny Leiden Brewery which was open over the weekend for the KBC Nederlandse Brouwerijdagen.

24 Sep 2011, 11:11 - John

Ah, such an international event there will no doubt be masses of words written over this one. So just a quick note about a beer festival with every accent; and some of the best brewers from over Europe. The type of place that a table early in the day occupied by an international group studiously writing notes is later occupied by an international group of Amsterdam squatters comparing beers (without the paper notes though).

Hoppy, sour, oak aged, all recent trends were present, but no single one dominating...


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