Moon under Water

Good beers, in great places, since forever.


Moon under water is:

  • our handy site for keeping track of good places we drink in or want to drink in, festivals we'd like to go to, great beers that we've had or would like to have, and blog/news posts that we follow. So it's pretty biased, but do see our blogging principles.
  • a playground for Drupal modules we would like to try out.
  • an essay by George Orwell which we can't completely agree with. "Bit like his politics, almost right and as good a place to start as any" - John
  • themed in Amber, Gold and Black (ok so there's some brown now), which is also a very good book on British beer


Submitted by Eric Strobes on

I see you have actually cracked using D7 and OpenLayers to get maps to work! Well done. I've been searching high and low for a comprehensible tutorial on this... which is how I found your site. Not sure where you're all based but I'd love to hear how you did it. Not sure of the etiquette but I'm happy to buy drinks and may be more. Please could someone email me to start a discussion.